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Small Components


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This item is out of stock
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Reference #:

A  (Ratchet Wrench)                              908-080

B  (Shaft Drive Nut)                              908-081

E  (Feed Wheel Set Screw)                    908-084

F  (Thrust Bearing)                                908-085

H  (Teflon Wiper)                                   908-087

I   (Brass Feed Tube Metal Snap Ring)  908-088

K  (Packing O-Ring)                              908-090

L  (O-Ring Machine Adapter)               908-091

N  (Shaft Metal Snap Ring)                   908-093

O  (Pilot Drill)                                       908-094

P  (Pilot Drill Set Screw)                       908-095

Q  (Allen Wrench)                                 908-096